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Antivirus System Specialist
Bern, Switzerland
Antivirus System Specialist
Only Swiss based candidates can be considered.
Für Experis sind Sie mehr als nur ein CV. Als Teil der ManpowerGroup haben wir Zugang zu einem riesigen Netzwerk aus Möglichkeiten. Wir verbinden Sie mit neuen Herausforderungen, die Ihre Karriere beschleunigt.
Unser Kunde ist auf der Suche nach einem temporären...

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Azure Cloud Engineer

Not stated


1/20/2021 3:13:47 PM

Business/System Analyst

325CHF per day


1/20/2021 3:03:13 PM

Cloud Software Engineer

CHF 100k - 125k per year + Benefits

Bern, Switzerland

1/20/2021 2:39:16 PM

Data Scientist/Engineer

Swiss Franc500 - Swiss Franc550 per hour


1/20/2021 2:27:08 PM

Valuation Risk Controller

Not stated


1/20/2021 2:15:31 PM

Senior Actuary

Not stated

Lausanne, Switzerland

1/20/2021 2:08:28 PM

Development Engineer

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1/20/2021 1:48:21 PM

Datentransfer Manager 60% (m/w)

Not stated

Bern, Switzerland

1/20/2021 1:24:15 PM

UX Designer - German Fluent (w/m)

Market Rate


1/20/2021 1:12:43 PM

Solution Architect

Not stated


1/20/2021 1:06:02 PM

Java developer

Not stated


1/20/2021 12:59:46 PM

PMO Consultant (Cyber Security)

Swiss Franc700 - Swiss Franc750 per Day


1/20/2021 12:42:45 PM

Solution Architect/Business Engineer

Market Rates


1/20/2021 12:20:46 PM

Linux Server Engineer

Not stated

Basel, switzerland

1/20/2021 12:16:50 PM

Junior Vendor Manager

Swiss Franc380 - Swiss Franc400 per Day

Geneva, Switzerland

1/20/2021 11:06:54 AM

Data Engineer/Consultant

Not stated


1/20/2021 10:51:31 AM

iOS Mobile Developer with DevOps

Not stated


1/20/2021 10:49:55 AM

Labor Mitarbeiter (m/w/d)

Not stated


1/20/2021 10:44:54 AM

DevOps Engineer GEVER

Not stated

Bern, Switzerland

1/20/2021 10:38:46 AM

MSBI Developer/Microsoft BI Developer/MSBI Development

550 per day CHF

Zurich, Switzerland

1/20/2021 10:09:49 AM

Senior Java Developer

CHF 100-115/Hour


1/20/2021 10:03:04 AM

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